High value, low cost


For about the cost of cable TV you can have the peace of mind of knowing most of your health care needs are taken care of.

What could be better?


You've got to be kidding! (But we're not.)

Primary care, urgent care, super convenient care, Lifestyle/(Functional/Integrative) Medicine,  proactive health optimization, major healthcare discounts, patient advocacy, health home and health community, regular world-class evidence-based health guidance -- that all "just works" so you can get on with real living.

Say much?!


But my medical insurance is $700/mo and my deductible is still $5,000 per year and I get next to nothing for most of my real world needs.  And you're giving me what for what price?!  Yes, we is a crazy lot of benefits for a crazy low price.  Especially compared with the rest of healthcare.  But we are blazing a new path and we are making it work for as many as possible.

This is a no-brainer!


Adults, ages 18-65



Your fantastic, wonderful, ideal health home is less than the cost of an average latte per day.

Adult Couple, ages 18-65


Same great service X 2.  We're counting on you to share the love with each other.

Full Time Students, ages 15-25


$39/mo with adult

We support students!  For less than 99¢/day students can have great care.  Includes telemedicine when away at school.

(Added to adult service.  Single, no kids.)



With adult

Of course, we will be adding kids.  The sooner we grow the adult service, the sooner we can add children's care to ideal health care, so help us grow.

Medicare Eligible



Sign up for email updates and let us know you are interested in becoming a member via the "Contact" page.  We will let you know when we have dealt with Medicare's red tape.



It just works

Seriously.  We are all about making personalized  health care work for real people in the real world.  Tell us what would be ideal health care for you specifically.  And tell your employer.


Still need insurance

You still need insurance for the less common medical needs (specialists, hospitals, procedures, etc).  We advocate with insurance experts on behalf of patients.  Drop us a line if you would like us to connect you.

Specific benefits

What all is included?  Go to the Membership Benefits page to learn more.

Talk to us

This really is about the patient!

Tell us what you need.  We will continue to build ideal health care together.

Hassle-free Billing

Automatic, monthly electronic billing.  If only the rest of healthcare were this simple.

No Long-term Contract

Cancel at any time with a simple 30-day notice.

(Renewal fee may be charged to resume services.)

Refund Policy

Super simple.  If we have any of your money after your service has ended we will gladly return it to you within 30 days.

Become A Member

Join the Whole Health family and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your real world health is being cared for.