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Care when you need it

It is maddening to not be able to get good care when you need it from providers you know and trust.  Being forced to go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department just because they don't have any appointments available for weeks adds insult to injury.  Same-day or next-day appointments are easy with us.  Have an urgent issue some evening?  We can often take care of it with a call, text, or video visit.

Care how it works best for you

Why is healthcare so in the dark ages?  Why can't you do care using modern technology like the rest of life in the modern world?  There are many reasons why healthcare systems are 10+ years behind the rest of society.  But we aren't.  We deliver health care in ways that work for your busy life, not in ways that completely destroy your day.  Have an important medical question?  Text it to us - answered - done.

High value, low cost

The vast majority of what most people need is primary care.  But most primary care doctors have to run on the crazy treadmills of too many patients, ford rivers of paperwork, and have insurance companies throwing up barriers to care every time they turn around.  A good primary care doctor free to do only what is in the best interest of the patient is worth their weight in gold.  Unfortunately, good primary care providers in this situation are about as rare as gold statues.  The membership model that enables such unimpeded care is often referred to as "direct primary care", though our service goes well beyond what is typical.  This membership model is NOT medical  insurance and includes only the service components specified in the member agreement.

Serious price discounts

Healthcare prices are completely out of control, do not correlate with value, and are extremely manipulated by the players involved playing all kinds of smoke-and-mirrors games.  Not with us.  Everything is totally transparent.  We get crazy good cash discounts for our members as the norm.  We work only for our members.  Labs, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, professional grade nutritional supplements...anything and everything we can.  Many save more than the annual cost of their membership just in discounts.

A pound of prevention

The vast majority of costly medical conditions are preventable.  We go well beyond typical primary care with a continuously improving suite of health optimizing services and support.  Dr. Braman built the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and brings a wealth of world-class experience to you as a member: "treat the cause" - as prevention and the foundation of treatment.  The return on investment is unparalleled - in dollars and quality of life.


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Its about health, not disease

Yes, we treat disease.  But the real issues are health and quality of life.  We get it.  As we help you with the things that aren't working so well, we will also be working with you to manage your "health" to get the most out of life.  You don't live to worry about your physical health.  You need your physical health (and health care) working so you can get on with real living.  We're on it.

Primary care

Yes, we provide primary care.  And we look to continuously add to the specific things we can include.  Let us know what you are most interested in and we will prioritize accordingly.  As we add providers we want to expand the scope of what we can offer.  See our list of specific services to see where we are at at the moment.

Wholistic comprehensive approach

We hear it all the time (and it makes us very happy): "I am so excited to find you!  I've been looking for this kind of care for years."  Each kind of doctor or provider is trained only in a piece of the picture.  Dr. Braman has a solid understanding of the realities of both conventional and more natural approaches and can provide sensible, effective treatment plans for your issues with all reasonable options.  This model of care is built on new but common-sense systems of care to provide the kind of care that we would want as patients (see further info on approach to care elsewhere).

Real living

Yeah, we could just pick up the pieces when they break, but anyone could do that (though not so well).  But how unsatisfying!  Why not live your best life, with the most happiness and feeling great?  Yeah, that's what we want too.  From regular use of the Vitalities system that tracks the drivers of health or disease, to updates and guidance on the latest health news and research, we will not just be waiting for you to break.  We will be working to help you thrive better than ever.

So serious about health we are in a fitness center

Yes.  You read that right.  We are located inside Courthouse Club Fitness.  Whether or not you choose to be a member of Courthouse is up to you.  But we want to be "in the neighborhood" and the flow of real life, and be able to foster a "health community" dynamic.  We thrive better together.  Our service includes some cool collaboration with Courthouse to make vibrant living that much easier for you.


Smiling young male doctor shaking hands with smiling older woman patient.

Personalized health care

It really is about the patient - you.  That is why we have a fingerprint in our logo: it represents the unique nature of each member.  No conveyor-belt, one-size-fits-all medicine here.  How can we help you live your best life?

Health home base

People don't have anywhere that feels and functions like "home" for their health.  Healthcare is in constant chaos, health plans in upheaval, doctors leaving, rules always changing, etc.  Enough!  Stop!  With Whole Health you are "home".

"Participatory" healthcare

What does this mean?  It means members are active participants not just in their own care, but also in how Whole Health works and develops.  When health care is actually about the patient, the patient is part of the team shaping how it works.

Model of what could-be, should-be

We intend for Whole Health to be an active model of health care "of the people, by the people, and for the people".  Help us create what all patients and providers want in their wildest dreams.  At Whole Health, our starting point is to provide the kind of care we would want if we were the patient.

Advocates for members

There are so many hidden agendas and things pulling providers and systems in so many different directions real health care has become practically impossible.  In Whole Health's model of "real health care", providers only mission in life is making life work for the members they care for (and we want healthy, happy providers too).

Become A Member

Join the Whole Health family and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your real world health is being cared for.