Healthcare is broken. It is not working for people.

People are avoiding care because their deductibles are so high.  It is weeks if not months before the next available appointment.  The doctor is only with the patient for a few minutes and the patient doesn't get to ask their questions.  The paperwork and bureaucracy nightmare is burning out doctors in record numbers and making patients pull their hair out.  Alone against the machine, patients often feel abandoned and like a pinball in a giant pinball machine.

It is time to hit the 'RESET' button.  It is time to build "real health care."

Hear it straight from Dr. Braman

What is Whole Health personalized primary care?  How does it work?  How does it make my life better?

Real + Health + Care: Out-of-the-box and into real life

Digital health symbolized as happening through a smartphone held by a doctor.


Real health care, for real people, in the real world

  • Real timing: Same-day or next-day appointments
  • Real convenience: In-office, video, email, phone, text
  • Real value: high value for low cost

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Healthy happy young woman, exuberant, running and jumping on beach at sunset


The objective is health, not just managing disease

  • Primary care, any way you like it
  • Comprehensive approach, treat the cause and not just symptoms
  • Proactively optimizing health and minimizing problems and expenses

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Smiling happy young doctor and elderly patient shaking hands.


Caring is what life is all about

  • A real whole health home with a health-oriented community
  • Model developed for, and continuously improved with, patients
  • Providers whose only incentive is to be a true patient advocate

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