About Marc Braman, MD, MPH, FACLM, FACPM

"What kind of doctor do you want to be?"

When Dr. Braman would be asked this question in medical school, his reply was usually "A good one!"  He wasn't just being a smart aleck.  He understood that paper degrees on walls didn't make you a good doctor.  Being a healer did.  Seeking to know and understand as much as possible to best help those served did.

Degrees and letters

While degrees and letters don't make you a good doctor, they are a reflection of professional accomplishment and proficiency.

MD = Medical Doctor

MPH = Master of Public Health, Epidemiology (the science of medical research)

FACLM = Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

FACPM = Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine


Dr. Braman has played a leading role nationally establishing the American College of Lifestyle Medicine ("treat the cause") as the professional organization of the newly defined field of Lifestyle Medicine, working with the global leaders in this space.  He has developed new models of ideal health care and teaches them to healthcare professionals.  In essence: "It's about the patient."  He is also pioneering a national patient representative organization.


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Dr. Braman and a better kind of care

Dr. Braman also serves as a specialist for those seeking a more comprehensive approach to health and medicine but who may have primary care elsewhere or for whatever reason may not be a fit for Whole Health.  You can learn more about our whole-person, wholistic, best-science, clinical model of care at his specialty practice website: nwlifestylemedicine.com

Smiling adult woman patient and her mother helping her.

"Its about the patient"

If you want to learn about the bigger vision and start to get a sense of how this model is important in the bigger picture, you can learn more at: drbraman.com.

Smiling young woman physician.

For providers too

This model of healthcare we are developing is for providers too.  Most providers go to medical school because they want to help people.  The current healthcare non-system is burning out providers at 50+% rates and keeping them from being able to just take great care of their patients.

Great providers -- come be a part of a great model of care

 and love doing Real + Health + Care.  (Patients: If you know of great providers help us rescue them from their current prisons. :) )

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