current benefits

Health home base

This is not on people's radar.  But having a functional health "home" is a big deal.  We see it day in and day out: people don't have a functioning health "home" and they are wandering, alone, getting bounced around by a machine that is really not about them.  But no more.  You are home!

Lifestyle/Integrative Medicine

A way better kind of health care, based on "treating the cause".  All options are on the table for treatment.  Its just a fundamental part of all the care we provide.

Primary care

Out of the box and into the real world!

What works best for you?  Office (we are in the neighborhood)?  Video?  Phone?  Emails? Text?    Can't get of the house due to a recent injury?  We may just come to you.

Yes, we do it all for you.

(See details below.)

World-class guidance

Dr. Braman has been a pioneer in establishing Lifestyle Medicine professionally.  He works with some of the top experts on the planet and loves providing members clarity and tangible reality on all the confusing health headlines, and products and services out there.

Confusion be gone!  Do what matters.  Forget the rest.

Basic urgent care

We deal with urgencies -- lacerations and stitches, sprains and simple fractures, colds and flus, etc.   Same-day, next-day, after-hours.  How can we keep you living your best life with the least hassle?

MAJOR discounts

MAJOR discounts on everything we can get discounts for our members on.  We love advocating for our members!  Our policy is basically "wholesale and cover costs".

Proactive health optimization

Why get sick or hurt when you don't have to?  Yeah, that's what we think too.  We see our job as serving you in staying truly healthy, not just cleaning up messes.  Easy, effective systems for monitoring the drivers of health and disease.

Health community

Humanity has always done health together -- tribes, villages, communities.  Modern life has destroyed much of our community function.  We are building community again around healthy living.  Help us do that.  We need members who love people to be community organizers.  We are stronger together!


We make no specific promises, but we are always stewing on what cool things we might be able to do for our members.  How can we further foster connectivity around health and facilitate fullest living?  What else might we want as the patient, knowing what we know?

Future Benefits

Medicare members

We wish Medicare didn't make real health care so hard.  But they do.  We very much look forward to being able to serve our Medicare eligible friends.


Can't wait for growth to allow us to expand to provide ideal health care for the whole family!  

Women's health

We do basic women's health services and are actively working to offer more complete women's health services very soon.  

Additional in-office procedures

Basic skin treatments: freezing some spots, biopsying others.

Other in-office procedures as members needs dictate.


Holographic medical images coming up from computer tablet held by doctor.

Typical conditions

From diabetes to hypertension to depression to urinary tract infections to colds to the vast majority of primary care conditions.


Of course, we prescribe regular prescription medications.  We also will suggest non-prescription options where there is reasonable scientific evidence.

No narcotics or controlled substances

We do not prescribe narcotics (opiates), stimulants (ADD meds), valium-like medications (benzodiazepines), or similar problematic medications except in rare circumstances.  This is clearly specified in the "Patient Agreement" that you will sign when you become a member.  We may prescribe these for a very short period of time as necessary to get through the immediate pain of a fracture, or something similar, but with the clear understanding it will be minimal and very temporary.

Included and not included services and costs

All current benefits listed above are included in the basic monthly fee.  This also includes stitches or laceration care that we are able to do in-office, in-office urinalysis, and basic procedures as we add them.

Essentially, the things we can't do in the office will incur additional fees at the great discounts we get for our members.  These fees are conveniently added to the members monthly account charges (or you can have it billed to your insurance at insurance rates).  Don't get your card out...we make it just work.
Examples would include things like: blood work, x-ray, MRI, CT scan.

Specialists, hospital services, other providers, etc all provide their own services and charge their own fees apart from us.

Blood draws

You can have your blood drawn at any Quest Diagnostics blood draw location of your choice for great discounts and the charges will be added directly to your account (at massive discount typically).  Or you may wish to have your blood drawn at the facility of your choice if you want to have it run through your insurance.  Specialty labs that are more Integrative Medicine oriented will require special directions.

Limits of service

We trust you will find our service night and day superior to any typical medical service.  That said, we want to be clear on some healthy boundaries (pun intended):

We can provide the best service at an affordable price to all members by having services be discreet and specific.  Basically, this just means we can't do daily running conversations for weeks on end about miniscule matters (only applies to a very rare few).  Let's save up all the questions and get them all answered in one encounter -- in-office, video, or phone call.  Never hesitate to call us with urgent matters or ask important questions that arise.  We don't limit care within the scope of normal living (including the rough spots) and are always looking for the most effective ways of serving our members.

While we often go well beyond what typical primary care does in terms of offering more options, an occasional complex condition that may benefit from a more in depth whole spectrum approach requiring hours of research and extra work may be beyond the scope of this primary care based service.  We would seek to offer you options for additional services.

Patients who just want ever increasing numbers of pills and procedures and are not willing to consider addressing lifestyle causes of disease (food, smoking, stress, etc) will be better served by more typical pill and procedure based healthcare.  We love you.  We want the best for you.  We're just not a good fit for you.  Let us know when you want to really live.

We will always seek to offer service levels or additional services that best make health care work for our members in the real world.  Let us know your needs!

services as listed in the "patient agreement"

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Additional Information

  • This practice is not insurance
  • This practice provides only the primary care services specified in the Retainer Medical Agreement
  • Patients must pay for all services not specified in the Retainer Medical Agreement
  • Members may cancel at any time with 30-day notice and any refunds will be processed within 30 days of the end of service
  • The Department of Consumer and Buiness Services issued a certification to this practice.  You can contact consumer advocates at the Depatement of Consumer and Business Services at (888) 977-4894,, or